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SAGlobal Projects+ BI for the Service Industries

Industry-specific BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Service Industries

Capturing information about key business processes and transactions in your ERP system is critical to effectively managing your projects and resources and interacting with your clients. But having the ability to easily consume this information to help support key business decisions is a different story.

To address these challenges, SAGlobal presents Projects+ BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX, an industry-specific self-service business intelligence and reporting platform that provides out-of-the-box metrics, views, and reports designed specifically to help professional services organizations make informed decisions across their business.

Projects+ BI Overview

While there are many generic BI and reporting tools available for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Projects+ BI was designed with the following attributes in mind, helping to separate Projects+ BI from its alternatives.

  • Integrated – Projects+ BI is core to Dynamics AX, not retro-fitted to work with Dynamics AX after the fact.
  • Industry-specific – Projects+ BI provides standard measures and dimensions designed specifically to meet the unique needs of project-based services organizations.
  • Out-of-the-box – Projects+ BI delivers many core Service Industries performance metrics out-of-the-box, driving down costs and minimizing your time to value.
  • Transformed – The Projects+ BI data has been transformed and is ready for consumption by mainstream end users, so it delivers immediate results for your employees.
  • Self-Service – Projects+ BI is easy to use, giving your employees the ability to interact with this data in a self-service model.
  • Near real-time data –Leveraging the latest Microsoft in-memory BI technologies, ProjAX-BI is architected to provide access to your latest transactional information without lengthy delays.
  • Fast – Projects+ BI is designed with high performance in mind, and uses Microsoft's latest in-memory technology to maximize speed and usability.
  • Cost effective – Projects+ BI is cost effective, and can be dropped into most Dynamics AX environments for a fraction of the cost of most other Dynamics AX BI and reporting solutions.

Because Projects+ BI is tightly integrated with Dynamics AX, many of the metrics can be configured directly in Dynamics AX in order to maximize flexibility and simplify the setup and ongoing management of your BI solution. As an example, this includes the setup of utilization and target utilization rules and calculations, as well as unique financial posting scenarios that control how your financial data is represented in your reports and analytics views.

Projects+ BI was designed to incorporate many of the commonly used Service Industries performance metrics out-of-the-box in order to reduce costs and deployment timelines, while still maintaining the flexibility to easily accommodate your firm's unique metrics and calculations. Out-of-the-box Projects+ BI metrics and dimensions include the following and more!

Projects+ BI Measures and Dimensions
Sample Projects+ BI Measures Dimensions
(Click image to enlarge)

Projects+ BI leverages Microsoft PowerBI, a best-in-class data visualization, exploration, and reporting tool. These visualizations can be directly embedded throughout the Dynamics AX user interface, or can be accessed within the PowerBI interface. With Power-BI and Dynamics AX, you can easily create dashboards, utilize natural language queries and Cortana-directed voice queries, and access your data on-the-go with full mobile BI capabilities.

Data Visualizations in the Dynamics AX Project Manager Workspace Data Visualizations in the PowerBI Project Analytics Dashboard
Data Visualizations in the Dynamics AX Project Manager Workspace
(Click image to enlarge)
Data Visualizations in the PowerBI Project Analytics Dashboard
(Click image to enlarge)
Ensure that your organization no longer has its most valuable data locked away. Choose ProjAX-BI, and give your business the intelligence you need to maximize your competitive advantage.
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