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    SAGlobal provides end-to-end service offerings for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM
    and has been doing so since the launch of Microsoft Dynamics.

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    Our expertise lets you focus on what you do best - Serve Your Clients.

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Quick Facts & Numbers

500: The pool of AX Resources in the World

At about 500 Microsoft Dynamics AX resources, we're one of the largest AX talent pools in the world.

4: 1 of 4 'Super Vendors' to Microsoft for Microsoft Dynamics Development & Services

SAGlobal is one of a select few partners whose experience on Microsoft Dynamics goes well beyond the sales and implementation of the ERP product. We're involved in every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics AX, from core feature development, to localization versioning, to developing hotfixes and service packs, documentation, testing, support .... the entire product life-cycle.

For over a decade we've been working with Microsoft as a select Microsoft Vendor for Development. This indepth knowledge of the product we have, gives us (and our customers) a huge edge when it comes to implementation projects.

6: Represented in 6 out of 7 Continents

We're the only Microsoft Dynamics AX partner that is present in all 6 inhabited continents. This global presence allows us to specialise on multi-country roll-outs for our customers so that they have the peace of mind to have to work with a single Partner across the globe instead of different Partners in each geography. This allows for a shorter and more cohesive roll-out.

14: Average number of years of ERP Implementation experience of our consultants

Our approach means that the Delivery team is predominantly senior level consultants. Ultimately whatever the delivery approach, you rely on the knowledge and capacity of the consulting team you work with. Our involvement in writing Microsoft Dynamics™ AX training materials for Microsoft, escalation projects and core development is evidence of our reputation.

24: 24 offices across 17 countries Worldwide

A presence across 17 countries allows us to be closer to our customers as well as allows us to leverage the entire organisation on all our projects. This enables us to focus our senior consultants only on high level implementation tasks to really reduce your implementation costs.

26: 26 Years in ERP & Business Financial Software

We've been around for well over two and a half decades. That's a long time for a software company. We have a large number of employees who've been with us through that entire journey. That's a lot of experience for you.

53: The number of countries we've implemented Microsoft Dynamics in

Having a worldwide presence has allowed us to build up vast experience on multi-country implementations where our expertise on localization and familiarity with multi-country operations allows us to be more effective than a Partner who isn't multi-national.

100: 100% Focused on Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is ALL we do. We focus our entire organization's energy into Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

500: Well over 500 current Microsoft Dynamics customers worldwide

We have well over 500 customers, with about 200+ of them being current customers who we actively work with today.

65000: The Number of Users We've Helped

We support well over 65000 users with over 500 implemented sites globally.

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