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Rapidly Growing Engineering Services Firm Chooses Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Manage Its Business

Braun Intertec had a clear understand of the importance of finding the right Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation partner for the successful transformation of its business. So Braun Intertec selected SAGlobal for its deep industry knowledge and ability to understand crtical aspects of the Braun Intertec business.

By making meaningful information available on demand through Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’ll free up staff to contribute in meaningful ways that call on their entrepreneurial tendencies.

Mike Anders, CIO, Braun Intertec

The Business Need

Between 2009 and 2011, professional engineering services provider Braun Intertec grew at a rate that exceeded 67 percent, adding technical disciplines and practices that have helped Braun Intertec solidify its interdisciplinary approach. To manage its growing practice across multiple offices and subsidiaries in the Midwest, the company adopted various software including BST Global for accounting, a variety of estimating, costing, and project management software, about 70 spreadsheets, and a CRM system.

None of these solutions worked together natively, and key leaders at Braun Intertec found it difficult to gain the performance and forecasting insights they needed. The company developed workarounds and custom integrations to help staff process transactions, oversee projects, and automate processes. Eventually, though, leaders recognized that the lack of consolidated management information and control had the potential to hinder further growth.

Mike Anders, CIO, Braun Intertec, relates, ”We expect the growth trend to continue, and we realized that the core tools we used to manage our business wouldn’t scale accordingly.”

Making The Search

Anders and Braun Intertec CFO Carmen Borgeson sponsored a search for a solution that would consolidate business management functions and subsidiaries. After considering software from Oracle, Deltek, IFS, and Microsoft Dynamics, Braun Intertec selected Microsoft Dynamics 365, to be implemented by Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Industry Partner of the Year, SAGlobal.

Braun Intertec will rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 company-wide to support sales, financial management and reporting, and operational project management. Zap Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics provides business intelligence capabilities such as KPIs, scorecards, reports and analysis, and a project management solution.

Core Business Management Capabilities With Configuration Control

Braun Intertec sought a solution that would support many of its needs off-the-shelf yet could be easily configured to support unique operating models and methods—affordably. “Given the diverse types of services that we provide, we knew that we’d materially improve total cost of ownership by finding a solution that met as many of our needs as possible, as developed, or with our choice of a wide range of purpose-built third-party add-ons from Microsoft partners,” says Borgeson. “Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us the best of both built-in capabilities and flexibility to support a diverse and growing business, contributing to our future success.”

Strong Company Backing a Strong Product

Braun Intertec wanted to purchase from a company that had staying power. “A company as strong as Microsoft can—and does—put significant resources behind Microsoft Dynamics 365,” says Anders. “Its ongoing research and development prove to us that Microsoft is committed for the long haul. Microsoft upgraded Microsoft Dynamics 365 in some fundamental and very impressive ways with the 2012 version.”

Familiar User Interface To Ease Adoption

In the past, monitoring, managing, and initiating work activities systematically wasn’t universally part of the Braun Intertec culture. “Given that our Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment will signal a deeper, richer, more regular immersion, selecting software with a familiar UI paradigm similar to our Microsoft desktop experience is important to helping ensure adoption, ” says Anders.
Braun Intertec plans to extend access to its business management solution to support staff in the field using tablets, SmartPhones, and other mobile devices. The company expects to support this mobile work style with mobile capabilities in Windows 8 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Competitive Advantage

Braun Intertec has a reputation for being innovative, and its employees carry the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the company’s success. “We’ve won awards for technology solutions and we created our own technology spinoff,” explains Anders. “I expect that our Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation will keep us a notch above the competition. By making meaningful information available on demand at the right place and time through Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’ll free up staff to contribute in meaningful ways that call on their entrepreneurial tendencies.”

Strong Partner and Product Ecosystem

Braun Intertec knew that finding the right implementation partner was equally important to the successful transformation of its business. The company selected SAGlobal for its deep industry expertise and ability to understand the unique aspects of the Braun Intertec business.
SAGlobal grasped the issues related to the breadth and diversity of our offerings and outlined a solution path that will support the continued growth of our business
Mike Anders, CIO, Braun Intertec
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